CN Tower CN Tower This bong was created by joining two bongs, giving it a shape that somewhat resembed the CN Tower. The-four-foot The-four-foot This was the first big bong of many to come The-eight-foot The-eight-foot It didn't take long after the 4 foot to realize big hits were the shit, so along came the 8 foot.
Collection Collection (from left to right) Bong cap, W.S.B, and the Orangina Bong - The bong cap was designed to work on the lid of any beverage bottle. The worlds smallest bong was made out of a contact lens container. And the Orangina bong was made from a Oringina bottle, and had dual hoses to create maximum intake. The-royal-canadian The-royal-canadian This bong looked better than it smoked. Although it possibly invented a new type of slide arrangment on the bong. Notice how the slide goes through the base of the bong. The-lamp The-lamp Yes this bong actually worked! and it lit up too. How well it worked was another story. It was kind of a silly idea, I was all high and was like "dude.... lets just make a bong out of the lamp" and we went to the hardware store and bought all sorts of weird plumming stuff. I was trying to play it off like I broke my sink.
The-cc-hooka The-cc-hooka This was the best hooka I ever built! It made a loud rumbling sound and shook the ground when in use. Tortoise Tortoise The lady working in the shop where I bought it from said that was it's name. Sure. Oe-bong Oe-bong The Olde English bong was built after my friend brought some 40's back from the States.

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