$5 Parkdale Hooka

This bong will only cost you 5 dollars to make. Hence the name, and if you are from Toronto or have been here you probably know about Parkdale. No disrespect to Parkdale though it is a nice place to live as long as you dont mind hookers working on your corner and people offering to sell you crack.

  1. Go past the crack dealer on the corner and to the store. Buy any drink which comes in a glass bottle with a wide neck.
  2. Go find a hardware store and buy a roll of duct tape, 2 feet of clear tubing that has an inside diameter of 1/2 an inch, and small hollow piece of aluminum tubing with a outside diameter of 1/2 an inch. Once you have found the aluminum tubing, look in the same area where you found it and you can definately find something to work as a bowl.
  3. Go home and equip yourself with nug and scissors. Empty the contents of the bottle into another container (you will need that to combat the pasties afterwards). Take the cap of the bottle and punch two holes in it (see diagram b) making sure the holes are slightly smaller than the plastic tubing (this is to ensure a tight fit allowing no airleaks).
  4. Stick the peice of aluminum through the cap leaving an inch sticking out the top. On the underside of the cap attach a peice of plastic tubing long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle when the cap is on (see the gray line on diagram a). Take the other peice of plastic tubing and stick it through the other hole so that it sticks through the underside only about an inch (when smoking you don’t want water to get in your mouth). See the red line on diagram a.
  5. Break out the duct tape, keeping in mind not to co over the edge of the cap (you want to be able to unscrew it to empty the water or put ice cubes in it). To test for air leaks, screw on the cap and plug the slide (the gray line) and blow on the hose (the red line). If there are airleaks you will hear them. Feel around the area where the air is leaking out and cover it with duct tape.
  6. Attach your bowl to the top of the slide and you can either use aluminum foil or those screens you find in your taps or can buy at a stores.
  7. Fill the bong with water to the blue line indicated in diagram a. Now you are ready to Rock and Roll!!! Pack em fat with some kind nug please that’s all I ask.

Other Tips: You can have more than one tube, but dont use it with two people, just inhale of both of them. After you have built this you can toss the bottle if it gets too nasty because the cap is compatible with most bottles. Definately put ice cubes in the water but watch the water level, because bong water does not taste too good. Enjoy!!!