About Bongz.Com

High there and welcome to the Toronto Bong Emporium!!! This site is for all the truly hardcore Buddha smokers out there. Prior to this web site, almost all of what you are about to see is in a 56 page photo album (as seen on the right). I am the Abbot and have designed and built almost every bong in this site, as well as the site itself. This website opened on February 3, 1998, which is now known as National Bong Day.

National Bong Day started with a rather unfortunate incident. On February 3, 1996 almost all of the bongz in this site were lost in a house fire which occurred that night. Surprisingly enough the fire was not my fault. It was the coldest day in thirty years or so, and some how an electrical fire got started in the basement of the building I was renting in(we lived on the 2nd floor). Before I realized what was happening I heard sounds of breaking glass coming from downstairs , which later turned out to be the front window exploding and taking out the glass in the bus shelter in front of it (see photo below). I went to look downstairs and I noticed some smoke coming up from the crack in the stairwell. I turned to tell my roommates, when smoke started billowing through the vents on the floor. We were able to round up Switch, Kickflip and Ollie (our cats) but my other cat “Heelflip” was in my room, which happened to be at the other end of the house. I tried yelling her name and even putting on a gasmask and running into the smoke filled apartment but had to turn back as the smoke was too thick. Fortunately we had a backdoor to escape the inferno, which my friends “Lungz of Steel”, “The Tequila Couch Bandit”, “Biache” and myself escaped through. “Biache” told me to grab the bong book(much thanks) as we were calling 911 from the backdoor. After 911 was on the way, I ran around to the front of the apartment to see flames coming out the windows. The fire department showed up very fast as I watched while my bongz melted and most importantly my cat perish. Once the Fire Department had the fire under control they brought me my cat (at my request) who had died from smoke inhalation. After I said goodbye to my cat for the last time, the Police started hassling me about the situation. They were asking where all the weed was and what all the crazy bongs were for. My landlady was a mean old bitch who didn’t have fire alarms in my apartment, and the people below us had a fire alarms but the batteries were dead. Pretty much all of the bongz were either melted, broken or were simply too disgusting to use ever again, and no compensation was given for anything from our landlord. Due to this unfortunate incident The Bong Squad decided to declare February 3rd as National Bong Day.

On February 3rd, 2000 The Bong Squad celebrated and promoted National Bong Day in Amsterdam. People in Amsterdam were stoked on what we were doing and joined in on the celebrations. Due to this we have now changed the name of this Date to International Bong Day.

Finally I would like to dedicate this site to the memory of my friends Andy, Jeff, and Quanz. I would also like to dedicate the site to Chris Farley, Bob Marley and my cat Heelflip. If anyone has any bongz, buds or bong action shots, send them in and I will post them if they are worthy. Keep smokin……

The Bong Squad