C7 Series

This cost of this bong depends on how big you build it and where you buy the supplies from.

To build this bong you will need :


  • Any glass bottle with a wide neck. (eg. Everfresh bottles or Ocean Spray) You can get this at any corner store.
  • Acrylic tubing that is 2 1/2 inchs wide with 1/8 inch walls. Usually you will need to find a distibutor for this type of shit.
  • Male and Female PVC connector pieces with an outside diameter of 2 1/4 inches. You can find these in almost any hardware store. (see diagram b)
  • Duct tape, electrical tape, and aquarium safe silicone sealant (make no exeptions unless you are 100% sure it is non-toxic). These items you can also get at the hardware store.
  • Plastic tubing with an inside diameter of 1/2 an inch. It is cheap so grab about 3 or 4 feet of it from the hardware store.
  • A 6 inch piece of aluminum tubing with outside diameter of 1/2 an inch with 1/8 inch walls.
  • Any sort of small butane torch, available at most hardware stores.
  • – As much reefer as you can get your hands on.

Procedure: Once you have gathered all the materials required, smoke a nice phatty to give you the correct mind-frame for the task at hand.

  1. Cut your acrylic tubing into pieces of desired size. For the disassembling bong each cut shoud be about 1 foot. For the 20ft I used 3 6 foot pieces, and for a nice household bong I would recomend a 2 foot piece with one foot attachments.
  2. Take the piece of acrylic that you wish to be the base and draw an X on it about 7 inches up from the bottom, then draw another X 1 inch higher than first. This will be where your slide is going to go.
  3. Take your butane torch and apply it to the area between the two X’s, keeping in mind that you are not trying to burn a hole in the bong, simply heat it up enough to push the slide through. If bubbles occur (which they will) heat that area again quickly and blow on it. Aim not to let the acrylic catch fire. Once it is soft enough, take the aluminum tubing and push it through the acrylic diagonally or on the angle you wish to have it operate on. (as seen in diagram c) As soon as it comes through the other side run the heated area under water to cool it down and become hard again.
  4. Take the plastic tubing and push it over the edge of the slide from the inside (see diagram c whereas the dark grey line is the plastic tubing and the light grey is the aluminum)
  5. Take the male and female connector pieces (male being red and blue being female) and put a ring of silicone around the edge so when you push the pieces into the acrylic it will make a nice air tight seal. Make sure you put the male peice on the bottom and the female on the top.
  6. Use the duct tape to keep the connector pieces and the acrylic together. After that, use the electrical tape to cover the duct tape to give it a nice look. (I personally like black tape the best, but any color will do).
  7. Take the glass bottle and empty it’s contents into another container (unless it is already empty). Then place a female connector piece over the area where the cap would normally go.Notice how loose it is? You will need to wrap duct tape around the neck of the bottle in order to make it a tight fit when you place the connector piece over it. Then use the duct tape to hold the piece onto the bottle and again use the electrical tape to finish it up.
  8. Now screw the piece of acylic with the slide onto the bottle. Cut the plastic tubing so it reaches the bottom of the bottle when screwed on.
  9. Fill the bottle to the water level indicated by the blue line in the diagram. At this point the bong is ready to go it just needs a slide and bowl. I usually bought these from bong or hemp stores.
  10. You are now ready to ROCK!!! If you want to make the bong bigger then repeat steps 5 & 6 on a seperate piece of acrylic tubing. Enjoy!!!