Regent Park Lunch time special

This is absolutly the cheapest bong that is on the market today. At 3 bongz for a dollar you simply can’t find a better deal anywhere. It takes about 10 seconds to build, and you can quench your thirst at the same time. The reason that this bong is called the “Regent Park Lunchtime Special”, is that Regent Park is a ghetto neighbourhood located in Toronto, and is well known for it’s crackheads and hookers. Keeping that in mind, those who frequent this area might consider this a lunchtime special, cuz you can get drinkin boxes at food banks. The only problem with Regent Park is that if you are trying to buy weed, your gonna end up with either crack, oregano or shitty ses if you are lucky. Here “Lungz of Steel” and I (The Abbot) will demonstrate how it is done,

1. For this bong you will need :

a)Lighter/ Matches
b)Rolling Papers/ Bible paper
c)Scissors/ Knife
d)1 Drinkin box
e)as much weed as your broke ass can afford

2. Open your drinkin box like you normally would, (by putting the straw through the hole on the top) and polish off about three quarters of your beverage. Lift the flap on the side of the drink box which is farthest from the straw.

3. With the flap that you just lifted, take your scissors or knife and cut approximately half of the triangle off. Ba-bam that is it. Your new bong is ready to rock.

4. Either roll yourself a joint or if you are incapable of doing so, have a friend do it for you. The bong works better with joints with filters. The Rollers got the right’s, so he/she should spark that shit up.

5. Place the lit joint over the end of the straw and inhale from the hole that you cut on the side. When you feel you are running out of breath, pull the joint off the straw and it will empty the chamber of smoke into your eagerly awaiting lungs.

6. Do not smoke crack through this mechanism.