The Gasmask Attachment

Due to heavy demand, I have finally put together instructions on how to make a successful GasMask Attachment for your bong. This attachment is to be used in conjuction with the c-7 Series

  1. Get high.
  2. Get higher
  3. Go to any Army surplus store and ask to see their Gasmasks(as illustrated in position A). Ask for one that has a hose that screws onto the mask(as seen in position B). The other end would normally allow you to screw it onto a filter which you could attach onto your belt. The hose is the hardest part to find for this bong, Gasmasks you can find anywhere. You can make your own hose, but I find they are not very reliable, due to air leaks and other annoying problems.
  4. Get some duct tape and one of the pvc connector piece like the ones used in the c-7 Series and go home.
  5. Get high again.
  6. Look at position C on the picture and imagine the bottom peace of this being the top of your bong. If you have made a bong like the one in the c-7 Series you should already have this part made into your bong. If not you will have to install one on the top of your bong. Take the male connector piece(the top piece in figure C) and attach it to the end of your tube with duct tape. Having a gasmask attachment that screws on to the bong is not always neccesary. You can simply use duct tape to attach it directly to the top of your bong, but always having to tape and untape the attachment is a bitch and a waste of good duct tape.
  7. Now you are ready for War !!! Pack a fat ass bowl and strap on your new smoking tool. Fire it up and if you have sensitive eyes, close em cuz its gonna get smokey in there. Now just breathe normally until the chamber is empty. The gasmask will blow out the smoke automatically, so don’t lift the edge of the mask to exhale cuz you might lose some smoke.
  8. Practice really hard at smoking with your gasmask, then go round town and impress everyone with your new toy. Don’t forget to tell them about
  9. Repeat steps 1,2 and 5 until you pass out. Keep Smokin….